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Rehoboth House Royalties

Our royalties are better than what traditional publishers offer. We pay our authors 100% royalty for every book sold through our retail and distribution channels. Authors retain the rights to their books and take home a bigger royalty than they'd normally get from traditional publishers. Our royalty includes paper back cover, Hardcover, eBook, and audio book.

Example: Assuming the retail price of the Author’s book is $15.00, and Rehoboth House is paid 30% of the retail price, which is $4.50, Rehoboth House pays the Author 100% of $4.50. In this example, 70% of retail price which is $10.50 is for printing, shipping and handling, and all applicable sales commission. (The percentage varies based on the distributor and country.)

Royalty Report

We get quarterly sales reports from our distributors and retailers, showing exactly when your books were sold and how many copies. It also shows your net profit and how many dollars you have earned. We make payments when you have accrued a minimum of $50.

Note: printing, shipping, and all applicable sales commissions are applied.

Sales Made by Authors

Authors keep 100% of the net profit of any book they sold. They are not obliged to relinquish any portion of the profit to any third party.