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We Provide Three Levels of Editorial Services

As important as editing is in publishing life cycle, yet some authors pay little attention to it, when it comes to publishing their books. Often, what differentiates a traditionally published book from most self-published books, is a decent and flawless edit. We collaborate with industry professionals with decades of experience to provide you with high quality edit for your manuscript, preparing it for literary publication. Whether you are a new or an experienced author, choosing from our array of comprehensive editorial services can help you improve and enhance the readability of your book.

Copy Edit

Copy editing checks for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses and other grammatical errors. It also checks for sentence structure, paragraph lengths, continuity, word choices, missed words, and the like. Copy editing is basically correcting the language of the text.

Line Edit

Line editing focuses on your use of language in communicating your story to the reader. It addresses the creative content, writing style, and use of language at the sentence and paragraph level. The goal is to ascertain if your language is clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read? It checks if your chosen words convey precise meanings, or if they are broad generalizations and clich├ęs. The purpose of a line edit is not to scrutinize your manuscript for errors, but to ascertain your effective use of language in communicating your story to the reader.

Content Edit

Content editing (sometimes called developmental editing) is the big picture. It checks the overall content for factual errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies. It goes beyond grammatical errors. For fictional content, it checks for discrepancies in the plot, character, or dialogue, to ascertain whether the theme was developed properly and the sub-plots well integrated into the main story line. In other words, content editing evaluates the content in detail and in its entirety. As the editor evaluates the content, he/she suggests changes to improve the manuscript. Content editing precedes copy/line editing.